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It helps you preview PDF and extract text from scanned image PDF files
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Advanced OCR Free is a full-featured and attractive utility to transform the text in your image files into searchable text, which you can then save as a TXT or MS Word document. As input, you can use any set of images or a scanned PDF file – its high-quality OCR engine will transform all the information they contain into text-based documents with the maximum level of accuracy possible.

The program’s ribbon-based user interface will immediately remind you of the new versions of MS Word. Those who are already familiar with this type of interface will find no difficulty in finding their way around this tool. Unlike other similar tools, this free OCR utility does not allow you to capture text directly through a scanner – you will need to have your image files already in your system in order to start the conversion process. The program allows you to select more than one image file for the character recognition process. Once this is over, Its two-panel interface will show you the source file on the left, and the extracted text on the right, so that you can check and correct any mistakes that might have occurred during the OCR process. Note that the program’s initial output is a plain ASCII text, which means that all the visual characteristics of the original text will be lost in the process (bold, italics, font size and color, etc.). The layout of the source file is also lost.

PDF files are given a special treatment, as you are given exclusive access to all the document properties. They open in a new tabbed window, where you can not only view but also edit most of the existing values, including those in the description (title, author, keywords, etc.), the security tab (passwords), and those regarding the way the PDF file behaves when opened.

An interesting feature that you will not find in many other OCR utilities is the possibility of applying a digital signature to your files. This will allow you not only to add an open password to any of the created documents, but also to use a PKCS#12 certificate complete with its PFX password.

The results – as it usually happens with most OCR software products –largely vary in quality depending also on the quality of the source materials used. The clearer the text and the higher the quality of the scanned pages, the better the text rendered by OCR engine. Either way, you will find this to be a fairly accurate tool, with a nice and clear user interface that makes it suitable for all users.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear ribbon-based user interface
  • Its OCR engine produces excellent and accurate output
  • Allows you to add a digital signature to your files
  • You can view and edit the properties of a PDF document


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